Project Opportunities in Bucharest & Abroad

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Project Opportunities in Bucharest & Abroad


Intelligence Act is an IT&C services provider helping companies around the world deal with the scarcity of IT personnel by enabling access to a highly-skilled IT specialists community from Romania.

We are providing various roles and technical expertise levels within IT projects for international or local companies (BENELUX, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Nordic Countries, US, Saudi Arabia)

Do not change your job from now on! Join the Intelligence Act Team and you’ll have access to different IT projects, applications, roles, locations, technologies and business areas. Besides professional skills we also focus on the personal talent and the contribution that you can bring to our team.

So, if you're passionate about IT and want a career that goes upwards, contact us!

Contact us at:

E-mail address:
Telephone number: 0725.581.844